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Testimonial Letter

Dear Dr. James Cassillo of Chiropractic Works NY,

I am writing to thank you for all that you have done for my dad, Chester Dodge. He has been a patient of yours for some time and you have healed him from a hunched over mess who couldn’t lay in a bed, sit in a chair or even walk without tremendous pain. My gratitude for what you have done is immense. I literally thought that my dad was going to have to go into a nursing home with full time assistance and now he walks into my house with a small cane and not in pain anymore. He is going on a cruise in January and I thought that traveling was something he would never do again.

You have given me and my family our dad/grandfather back. My children, Chet’s grandchildren, used to pray every night for grandpa that he could please not be in so much pain, they would literally plead with the Lord to help him. Medical doctors just had no answers and wanted to perform surgery on his back. I honestly must say I was skeptical at first as to whether or not you could help but my skepticism didn’t last long at all. It is not that he got better right away but what happened immediately is that you gave my parents their hope back. Your kind and spiritual way lifted my parents out a very depressed state. They were hopeless and felt like life as they knew it was over. They were very active, played bridge, went out to eat, went to their club and traveled a lot. My dad was in such a bad way he couldn’t do anything except just sit and take pain killers for months. They had both gotten so down and now you have restored their lives, literally.

I just wanted you to know that as Chet’s youngest daughter I am so grateful to you for what you did for both of my parents. Have a wonderful day, month, year, life and thank you for what you have given back to me and my family. We are so grateful and wish you all the best in life! May God Bless You Dr. Cassillo and may all of the goodness you put out into the world come back to you 100 fold!

Very Fondly,

Kerry Dodge Maurer

Testimonial Letter

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