Dr. James Cassillo

Meet the Doctor

Dr. James Cassillo, a native Long Islander opened Chiropractic Works in 1987. Dr. Jim graduated Life Chiropractic University in 1985. Dr Jim is one of chiropractic’s many, many “miracles”. As a young child, Dr. Jim grew up with many ailments (ear infections, strep throats, headaches, allergies and many skin problems). The overuse of antibiotics caused a new problem as a teenager, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Dr. Jim’s mom turned to vitamins and nutrition, to no avail. It was when Dr. Jim was working on his bachelors degree in computer science at Georgia State University that he received his first chiropractic adjustment, in February of 1980, by a student doctor of chiropractic living in his apartment complex. In the first week, he noticed he could drive with the window open without ear pain, something he couldn’t even do in the summertime. Then the headaches stopped. Eventually, the acne, psoriasis and/or eczema cleared up. As the years passed, while Dr. Jim switched majors and became a chiropractor, the bowels healed. To this day, he hasn’t had a sore throat or an ear infection since. Germs don’t make us sick, but weaknesses in our bodies and nervous system lower our natural resistance to germs. “Chiropractic works,” Dr. Jim says, “Just try it!” Hence, the office name, Chiropractic Works.

Louise, Office Manager

Louise has been the office manager since 1988 and truly has out performed in all areas to assist us in handling all of our patients’ needs timely, cheerfully and most competently. Jennifer is working hard at all times being extremely multi-task oriented and ready to serve you all with a smile.

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